Men’s jewelry

Men’s jewelry is very popular and is nothing new, even if when one thinks of jewelry it is common to think of feminine women’s jewelry. But m. Men all over the world are wearing jewelry; even hundreds of years ago they were doing so. Rings, necklaces and bracelets have been worn since ancient times, even during the ancient Egyptian era. No matter where you look in the world you can clearly see that jewelry has been worn by both men and women as a form of proof of power and wealth. The bigger and more expensive jewelry you wore, the more powerful you were. Of course, jewelry for men has been seen in many shapes and forms, been made from several different materials and been used for different purposes depending on what part of the world you are looking at. Today, and for several decades, seal rings in real gold have been very popular, and cufflinks have also been used for many years.

Common jewelry for men

Today, it’s incredibly common for men to wear different types of jewelry. Stores sell everything from braided leather bracelets with a rock’n’roll feel, to beautiful necklaces with different pendants, rings and earrings. Because there are now so many different styles, popular jewelry will of course vary among men. Many fashion-conscious men like to match their watch with a few bracelets to give their outfit that little extra touch. Other men may have a favorite piece of jewelry that they always wear, usually a necklace or a ring. Long ago, during the Viking Age, it was very common for both men and women to wear necklaces with significant symbols, such as Thor’s hammer. During this time, jewelry was usually made of iron or bronze. If we instead take a look back in time during the Roman Empire, we can see that extravagant gold jewelry was more popular.

The history of men’s jewelry

Jewelry has been used as long as humans have been around and both men and women’s jewelry has often symbolized power, desire or religion. Throughout history, men’s jewelry has consisted of pins, rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. The history of men’s jewelry extends far back in time and has been influenced by all parts of the world and many different materials have been popular through the years. The extraction of diamonds started in India, while bronze and iron were usually used for jewelry during the Viking Age (hence the “Bronze Age” and “Iron Age”). Designs from old jewelry that are still used today often have a religious background, for example the Christian cross or Hamsa.