Sami Bracelets

Today there are many different kinds of sami bracelets, but the most famous ones are the Sami bracelets. The Sami people have been involved in making jewelry for hundreds of years and tin was one material that was used often. Tin is metal in a silver white color and because the material is relatively soft it is very practical when making jewelry. Tin also looks very similar to silver but it is not as valuable, which is why it is such a popular material when it comes to jewelry. Tin bracelets were common among the Sami people and they created their own custom design, which is very well known today. If you search for “tin bracelets” online you will see plenty of pictures of the Sami craft and the beautiful bracelets. Sami bracelets are available in various widths and colors, but the classic Sami tin bracelet is made of brown or black leather and decorated with a thin tin wire that forms a beautiful pattern.

What is a sami bracelet?

A sami bracelet is a bracelet with a decorative tin wire. The bracelet itself is usually made of reindeer skin, which in turn has been reinforced with vaseline to make it sturdier and to make sure that the bracelet will keep its shape even after long use. If you straighten out the bracelet is has a loop on one end. The loop is enhanced with sinew thread. The button, which you use to close the bracelet, was often made of reindeer antler. Sami jewelry, such as tin bracelets, is usually made of natural materials such as antlers, bone and leather.

Common types of tin bracelets

Today there are many different types of tin bracelets, not all of which come from the Sami culture, even though most have been inspired from there. Common types of tin bracelets are the classic and traditional bracelets in brown or black leather, approximately 1.5 cm wide, with a decorative tin wire. The wire is braided on top of the leather and creates a pattern with a Celtic feel. You can buy various tin bracelets today; apart from the Sami version it is also common to make tin bracelets with sewn on stones and pearls. These designs are a bit more feminine. For boys and men it is more common to make wider tin bracelets, and these usually come in subtle colors such as black or brown. Another classic tin bracelet is the one that is wrapped three times around the wrist, which is very nice for both women and men.