Thor’s hammer jewelry

When it comes to Viking jewelry, there are few items that are as famous as Thor’s hammer. Mjolnir is the name and it is worn by lots of people. Thor’s hammer is a symbol of strength and power, which is also what the god Thor stood for. The Mjolnir hammer is a symbol that became more visible after Christianity had been introduced in Scandinavia. One of the reasons why many people wore jewelry just when Christianity arrived was that they wanted to hold on to their old belief, Asatru.
Many of those that wear jewelry with Thor’s hammer today want to show their Viking heritage or are simply fascinated by Asatru or Vikings. Many Viking graves with remains of jewelry have been found. You will often find Thor’s hammer, as it is made of iron and shaped like a pendant. Today, however, you can buy a variations on Thor’s hammer in gold, silver or bronze, etc., and in several sizes. Historical findings have also shown that Thor’s hammer has been made in amber.

The history of Thor’s hammer jewelry

Thor’s hammer has a long and very exciting history and it gets its start thanks to the god Loki. It all starts when Loki makes a bet with the dwarf brothers Sindre and Brokk. The purpose of the bet is that the brothers should make three gifts for the three gods that have punished Loki – Odin, Thor and Frey. Loki is also supposed to make three gifts and then it is up to the gods to choose the gifts that they like the most. If the dwarf brothers win the bet they will get Loki’s head. Sindre and Brokk make a hammer that the three gods really like and they win the bet. However, Loki has tricked the dwarfs because he has said that they are only getting his head, they are not allowed to hurt his neck in any way (thus it becomes impossible to chop off the head). The hammer that the dwarfs have made is given to Thor, hence “Thor’s hammer”. Mjolnir, which is the name of the hammer, can only be lifted by Thor because it is so insanely heavy. When Thor throws the hammer it always hits the target, after which it returns to Thor. He always has to wear a special glove of iron to catch the hammer. Thor is the god of thunder, and when he throws up his hammer towards the clouds there will be thunderstorms. People started wearing Thor’s hammer as jewelry during the Vendel Period, the middle period of the Iron Age. It was not only men who wore Thor’s hammer around their necks; the jewelry was also very common among women.