Thor’s hammer necklace

When it comes to Viking jewelry, there are few that are as popular and well known as a Thor’s hammer necklace. Today you can find Thor’s hammer necklaces in many variations, some of which have a lot of details, while others are more stylish and discreet. In the Viking Age, many people also wore Thor’s hammer around the neck as a symbol of strength and power. Today, many from the Nordic countries like Viking jewelry just because many of us up here originate from the Vikings. During the Viking era Thor’s hammer was often made of iron; today however, you can also find it in bronze, gold, silver and steel.
If you are interested in Asatru and the Viking Age, a Thor’s hammer necklace is the perfect choice. Today you can you can find both stylish and simple designs but also pieces with a lot of details and even a necklace with a Celtic feel. Perhaps you have noticed that much Viking jewelry has a rather Irish or Celtic design? The reason why is that the Vikings (mainly from Norway) went over to Ireland and Scotland during the Viking era, when they put their mark on the crafts and designs. What today may be perceived as Celtic can actually have been influenced by the Vikings from Scandinavia.

Thor’s hammer necklace and its history

Yes, the hammer of Thor is an ancient symbol, there is no doubt. During the Viking Age there was a religion called Asatru. One of the Norse gods was Thor. Another famous god was the wise Odin, maybe you’ve heard of him? Thor is the son of Odin and the god of thunder. With the help of his hammer, Mjolnir, Thor could throw the hammer against the clouds and then thunder would start. Each time Thor threw his hammer it later returned to his hand. Thor was a powerful Norse god and very strong. The fact that his hammer is the symbol of strength and power is therefore not particularly strange. During the Viking Age most people in the Nordic countries believed in Asatru and many people wore Thor’s hammer around their necks. Many Viking graves containing treasures have been found, including Viking jewelry such as Thor’s hammer. In many cases the hammer had a small loop, which suggests that the jewelry was worn on a chain around the neck in the Viking Age.
Although Asatru is now history, and the same goes for the Vikings, many are still fascinated by this era. Maybe you are also interested in Vikings and Asatru? Thor’s Hammer is a strong symbol that has left its mark on history.