Viking Jewelry

If there is something that Sweden is strongly associated with, it is the Vikings. The Viking Age was a very exciting era that also left behind a lot of treasure and Viking jewelry has actually been excavated at several locations around the country. Just as in many other cultures, jewelry was also very important for the Vikings. What really makes the Viking jewelry so interesting is that these items often have a story or a symbolic value. Maybe you recognize some of the most famous Viking jewelry? Thor’s hammer is only one of many jewelry pieces that have been found. The interest in Viking jewelry is significant, especially among people in the North. Materials such as silver, bronze and gold are widely used in manufacturing. The look of Viking jewelry mainly depends on where they are found – sometimes these items are more like a pattern, other times they look like a human or an animal.

The history of Viking jewelry

Viking jewelry can look very different. Sometimes the jewelry is shaped as a person or a ship, other times it might be shaped as a weapon. It is clear that Vikings often wore jewelry that represented important things such as vitality, protection from gods or strength. Thor’s hammer, for example, is a symbol of strength. The history behind this very well-known symbol comes from the Viking mythology, Asatru. There are many stories about the famous Thor, Odin’s eldest son and also the god of thunder. With his hammer, Mjolnir, which is also a symbol of a thunderbolt, Thor fought among the clouds. The history of famous Viking jewelry thus extends back to the Vikings’ religion, Asatru. Have you ever wondered why so much Viking jewelry has a Celtic design? The reason is thought to be that many Vikings, especially Norwegians, went over to Scotland, Ireland and the Isle of Man, where they made a mark on both the culture and the jewelry. So instead of thinking that the Viking jewelry has a Celtic design, it might just be that the Celtic design really comes from the Vikings.

Common types of Viking jewelry

Besides Thor’s Hammer, which is one of the best known instances of Viking jewelry, there are also many other common types of Viking jewelry. Maybe you have seen the Nordic Cross? This symbol is very common when it comes to Viking jewelry. The symbol looks like a cross and has symbolized love and friendship. For those looking for Viking jewelry that will act as protection on the seas, the Nave is a suitable piece of jewelry. The Nave is a symbol that stands for protection of the sea of life and is a common symbol in the Viking culture. Many of the well-known pieces of Viking jewelry are images of gods, such as Odin’s Mask. This jewelry is a representation of Odin himself, which stands for cunning and wisdom, Odin’s characteristics.